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What makes a great domain name?

When you’re in search of a new domain name, here is a list of few important points to consider.

Keep it short

Try to keep your domain name as short as possible. Short domains are easy to type and easy to remember. Keep in mind that your domain name might also be used for eMail and you might want to print it on business cards or advertising.

Avoid using words that are hard to spell. Not all domains have to be single word solutions. Domains like are also considered simple, because they're easy to remember and don't include confusing and hard to spell words.

If the domain name is for a company, then get one, which reflects the branding of that company. Keep in mind that, with domain names you are navigating into a global market, so the company name or the domain name might already to associated with another company in another country. As people will search for your company, Google search results will also show them all of the other keyword related websites.

Google will give your website bonus points if the word in your domain (and website content) matches the keyword people use in search. For example if this is a domain name for a hotel, consider adding the word "hotel" or location to the domain name, along with the name of the hotel, so it's and not just

Now that we have .გე domains available, think of what your domain name will be typed in transliteration. For example, will transliterate to მაგიდა.გე. If you come up with a good match, be sure to register both .ge and .გე domains to keep them both pointing to the same website.

Transfer Process

If you already own a domain, you can transfer it over to us and combine it with other products like hosting, eMail or others.

Initiate Transfer

Access the account where you have a domain name registered and obtain the EPP / Auth code.

Initiate Transfer

Login to your CLOUD9 account and enter the EPP / Auth code along with the domain into the transfer process.

Confirm Transfer

Make the payment for the service and wait for the confirmation eMail. Once you click the confirmation link, the process is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I transfer my domain from another registrar?

You must get the EPP / Auth code from the other registrar first. This code is needed to transfer the domain over to CLOUD9. Enter the domain name and EPP / Auth code into the transfer form, pay for the domain and the process will begin. It might take upto 12 hours for the transfer to complete. If your existing domain had any time left on it's expiration date, this time will be added to the new expiration with CLOUD9.

What is a .გე domain?

You can now have a domain name in Georgian. These domains end with the .გე extension. These are very useful when you want to protect your brand or trademark and wish to register a domain in English as well as Georgian language. It is also useful for transliteration, if you've ever entered ყოუტუბე into the browser's address field, you will see the value in that.

What is Privacy Protection?

The contact information you provide during the domain registration process is publicly available for others to see when they search for your domain name. With Privacy Protection, we can hide your contact details from public view protecting you from spam and possible identity theft.

How long will my domain last?

Domain names are registered for a period of one year. We send you a notification when one of your domain names is about to expire, so you can extend it, if you wish so. You can also pay for multiple years ahead, this way you won't have to keep updating your domain every year.

What are the .ge and .გე blacklists?

These are some words which you can not registered within the .ge and .გე domain zones. Most of the words include profanity and trademarks.

How long does it take for the domain activation?

Once you purchase or transfer your domain, you must change the NS record in order for the domain to be activated. It takes anywhere from an hour to 12 hours for the new NS records to take effect.

Do you have other questions?

Get in touch with us if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Our representative will respond to your question within 24 hours.

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